Rising to shine

Here is my disclaimer: I have always been a morning person in that I wake at 6am everyday (even on weekends).

BUT that’s where that ends. I rise but there is no shining….I have a coffee….still no shining….I shower and feel like I could just curl up on the couch and do not very much all day. I have no ‘get up and go go’. I’m tired all the time and some days just can’t stand myself.

Fed up of feeling so blah all the time, I have decided to try something that might give me that much needed boost and hopefully get me through the day a little easier. I have heard/read about the importance of exercise in the morning and have decided to give that a try. I’ve decided walking…because I’m less than coordinated and SO not sporty….should begin my everyday. To do that I will need to get up earlier than normal…say ‘ridiculous o’clock’ and drag my exhausted butt out of my toasty bed and out of the house.

*insert freaked out face here.

I know this will not be easy. I will struggle and I know I will make all the excuses in the world to stay cocooned in my bed-covers….”it’s cold, it’s windy, I have the allergies, I’m too sore, my bed wants me to stay”….so I have enlisted my hubby to join me and hopefully drag me out of bed when I feel like I just can’t.

I’m hoping that just this one change will help with so many parts of my everyday if I can just stick with it…. I’m hoping to be happier, healthier, have more energy and be able to cope better with every little thing that is tugging at my metaphorical sleeve asking for attention. I’m hoping my mind will be clearer, I’ll accomplish so much more and I’ll feel better about myself. I know that seems a like a lot of hope but according to all the hype that’s what I can expect. That being said, I’ll let you know how I go….

Fingers crossed.

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