A view from a walk

It has been a few weeks and I can confidently say that I am enjoying the many benefits of getting up in the still pitch black to go for a walk with my hubby each (weekday) morning. Although it didn’t start out easy, it has definitely become something that I look forward to (although, maybe not when the alarm goes off). I know that once I’m up and moving so many other things fall into place for the day. So even on the really difficult days I pull on my ‘active’ wear and my (specifically bought as motivation) walking shoes and head out the door.

In the beginning, the difficult days were many so I devised a plan to kinda gently force me to get up….the plan simply being ….the alarm goes off and without fail my hubby gets up and gets ready to go….then even when my whole body says “NUP!” I feel obligated to get up and join him…since it was my idea in the first place. As far as motivating factors may go this might sound silly but it truly works for me. Once the hard part is over and I’m up and out of the house, the really good stuff begins.

Here’s the good stuff:

  • 5 am is a spectacular time of morning – the air is cool and fresh; it’s peaceful and the sunrises are amazing;
  • walking is good exercise; particularly if, like me, you are SO not sporty; it increases fitness, improves sleep and reduces stress;
  • it is energising, gives all the feel good vibes and sets you up for a productive day;
  • it doesn’t need any special equipment (my special motivation shoes notwithstanding);
  • and last but not least, conversations (or quiet companionship) with the ones you love can only be a good thing…right?

As far as life changes go, this first one has been pretty easy to get happening and worth it in so many ways. I still have some trickier mornings where my body struggles with such early morning movement but I push through, reminding myself how fantastic I will feel by the time I reach home again. For added motivation there’s the promise of coffee, made by someone else, when I get home. YAY!! Hubby made coffee!

Happy with this new part of my morning and the way it uplifts me, even on the tricky days, I’m wondering what else I can do to bring a little ‘something something’ to my day.

Suggestions anyone??

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