Morning magic

Today I am feeling inspired to share my ‘still very new, working out all the kinks’ morning ritual.

While experiencing the amazing benefits of dragging myself out of bed for an early morning walk every weekday for over a month, I have been researching what else I can do to start each day with a more positive frame of mind; increased energy and some sense of control over how the day would go – or at least better control of how I deal with the things the day throws at me. I have trawled the internet for inspiration; scrolled through Pinterest for way too many hours; and found some interesting podcasts, blogs, books and ideas that have inspired me to create a morning ritual.

According to my “extensive research”, a good morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. As commonsensical as this now seems to me, I have spent years without a real routine of any kind. Yes, I would get out of bed at generally the same time everyday (6 am) but from there, so long as I was ready to leave for work by 7 am, – had had coffee and a shower, – there wasn’t really any routine. Now I have created not only a routine but a morning ritual that brings me inner calm, energy and a feeling of being empowered. I am more confident, at peace with myself and the world and generally much happier. I still have frustrations …let’s face it everybody does….but my morning ritual helps me to deal with them in a kinder, calmer way.

Unfortunately, this morning ritual doesn’t always go to plan. Weekends are pretty much a wash…..I’m finding it really difficult to stick with it when everyone is at home; needing or wanting my time and attention….it’s something I definitely need to work on.

Most weekdays though I do manage to stick with it….they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit….so I’m half way there. Sometimes things get moved around….like this morning when I read while drinking my coffee then worked on this blog in place of reading. While I like routine, I also really enjoy some flexibility so I don’t think the whole ritual has to be set in stone. So long as all the elements are there in one way or another I feel relaxed, happy and as though I have accomplished something. Then even if the rest of the day goes a little pear shaped; as days sometimes do; I know that I started the morning positively and I am (hopefully) able to carry this feeling throughout the day enabling me to cope with the challenges of work and family life in a positive way. That’s the plan anyway……wish me luck!

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