And the rules are…. there are no rules

Every day we are bombarded with ideas and inspiration for living a better, healthier and happier life and it can become overwhelming.

I have to admit that I have felt overwhelmed….pressured (probably not the right word) to do ‘this’ or ‘that’ to create the peaceful, stress less life I desire. Pressured not by anyone else but by myself. Wanting to try all the things that are supposed to make life better…exercise, diet, meditation, journaling, decluttering etc….all at once.

But in the hustle of making sure I do all the things, I feel like I have actually created more stress. Disappointed because I’m not getting it all done. Frustrated that there aren’t enough hours in my day. Essentially I have been undoing any of the good stuff I may have created.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The rules are …there are no rules.

One person’s happiness may be another person’s “Aargh!”

The trick, I am discovering, is to find what works for me and do that. Taking my time to figure it out. Trying something new and if it doesn’t work, moving on. Not over-complicating it. I’m learning I don’t have to do all the things; that creating a better life takes time and plenty of fine tuning. I’m beginning to sift through the barrage of ideas and inspiration and doing what’s feels right for me.

Most importantly I’m taking the time to breathe…

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