That minimalist bandwagon

Today I want to talk about that minimalist bandwagon and why I jumped on it.

First I will say I have never really been a big hoarder, preferring a clean and mostly organised life. My husband, however definitely is (its just that he prefers to call it collecting).

I have been known to keep a lot of things for sentimental reasons…the kids storybooks and toys, artwork, dance costumes, ballet shoes, schoolwork and little scribbled notes….because that’s what mums do. I have a real love of books and bookshelves. I enjoy shopping and buying clothes. And up until very recently I had an entire craft room jammed packed with craft supplies….because YAY CREATIVITY!!!

But we have recently moved house….again.

We are only renting at the moment; part of starting over after divorce and beginning a new life. Since meeting my new hubby, we have moved 4 times; lugging our 2 former lives and all of our stuff with us. It is always a struggle blending two lives together, but four houses in as many years is a little crazy. The temporary nature of renting; making it difficult to really unpack and feel settled; while we begin the long process of saving for a home of our own.

This latest move has urged me to take a good, hard look at what we are carrying from place to place; evaluate it’s worth in our lives and make changes. In this latest house (hopefully our last rental), I have decided to start living the way we plan on living once we purchase our own house.

Slowly I have begun to go room by room; closet by closet; drawer by drawer and minimise the amount of stuff we own; keeping only the meaningful, useful and loved. Starting in the bedroom… (you can see that post here: ….and moving through both bathrooms and onto my kids rooms… and soon into the living areas of the house.

Since beginning this process, I have been inspired by others also on this path.

I have long understood that what you need will be presented to you in the right way at the right time. And this has proven to be true of minimalism.

Lost and plodding away in a lacklustre life; unhappy with so much of my day to day existence; I quite literally stumbled upon Allie Casazza’s podcast The Purpose Show.

I’d just joined Spotify (yes…I can be slow like that…lol) and was just seeing what it was all about. Not really understanding what a podcast was, I clicked on something; Allie started talking and boom!! Inspired! I searched out her blog … followed her everywhere (stalker alert!); started my own life changing journey; then went searching for more like-minded people.

Since then I have been reading lots of ‘self-helpy’ style books..not just about minimalism and decluttering, but about happiness, organisation and lots of other amazing ideas for a better life….and there are still many more such books on my tbr list; I have followed other bloggers; started listening to other inspirational podcasts and joined some online communities.

I have been taking my time working through the remnants of my past life. I have thrown out bags and bags of stuff; gotten rid of anything that we don’t use, like or that holds memories we no longer need. I have donated anything that could be used by others to charity.  Our house is beginning to feel like a real home; comfortable, warm and welcoming. A haven in which to create a happier, healthier life.

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