Self-care top 15 go-to ideas

Super quick post today, sharing my top 15 go-to self-care ideas – the things I do to take care of myself when I need a bit of extra self-love and compassion. These are my go-to ways to soothe my anxiety; become more grounded or re-energise myself when I’m having an off day; feeling stressed, unmotivated or just a bit all over the place.

Some of these, such as meditation, I try to incorporate into my everyday; while others are less frequent pick me ups designed to lift me from a temporary slump.

While there is a lot of information out there about self-care; why it is important and the types of things you can do…many of these things are long term things that involve creating new habits and learning to stick to them; changing your mindset and/or changing your lifestyle….and I’m not going to bore you by reiterating any of those. Instead I am going to list for you the actual physical things I do on any given day when I need that little bit of something-something. None of these things have to cost money; they can take as little or as much time as you want or have to give; but they do work. That said, here’s the list:

  1. Meditation – a simple mindfulness or loving kindness meditation doesn’t take long but can change the entire direction of my day;
  2. Yoga – perfect for calming my nervous system; centring mind and body and increasing concentration and clarity;
  3. Going for a walk;
  4. Reading anything – it can be a book, magazine, an online article; preferably about something positive and unrelated to work – anything that allows my mind to escape and get caught up in something other than the way I am feeling. Now I’m not advocating ignoring feelings; just coming back to them when I’m feeling more centred; then I might:
  5. Write – journal; blog; create a mindmap; do a pros and cons list; set a timer and unleash on paper – get in touch with my feelings; find a solution to a problem or just unburden myself a little;
  6. Listening to a favourite podcast or latest audiobook;
  7. Listening to a favourite playlist – turning it up loud and dancing;
  8. Pinterest dreaming – finding pinspiration; creating gorgeous inspiring boards….oh happy day!!!
  9. Learning something new – googling an interest; trying a new recipe; starting a new hobby;
  10. Diffusing essential oils – creating the right atmosphere for how I want to feel – my current feel good blend is ylang ylang, wild orange and bergamot;
  11. Reaching out to family or friends – a quick coffee catch up, call or text can really boost my day; having an at home movie night with my peeps or going on a date with hubby are other great ways of boosting my mood;
  12. Cuddling my fur-babies
  13. Getting some Vitamin D – I’m always happier when I’ve seen the sun at least for a part of the day; but especially if there’s a book in my hand and sand between my toes;
  14. Watching the sun rise or set; stargazing; storm watching – being in nature
  15. Driving – windows down, music up; exploring destinations known or unknown

And that’s my list! You may notice some glaring omissions when comparing it to the lists of others; specifically the ‘pampery’ type of stuff – nails and facials and massages; long baths and ‘nanna’ naps; but they simply aren’t my cup of tea. I’m more of a ‘hair in a bun, get out in the sun’ type of girl; always with a book in my hand; aspiring to learn more, do more and be more.

If you could add anything to this list, what would it be? Feel free to comment below, start a conversation or follow me anywhere on the internet.

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