These thankful things

Happy Sunday peeps. I hope you’ve had a lovely week filled with so many wonderful things to be thankful for.

For me, it has been a bit of a milestone week.

My son turned 20, which is not in itself an amazing feat, but is something medical specialists had told us might not happen. After years of doctor’s appointments…and with still no confirmed diagnosis…I am so very thankful for his health and for having been able to watch him grow into one of the most kindhearted, thoughtful, intelligent and witty humans I know.

The next milestone was my dad’s. Today was his first time back on a competitive race track since he was in his early 20’s and I am so thankful I could be there to support him. Seeing the absolute joy on his face as he follows his dreams; returning to his passion for competitive motor-sport in his retirement years; is a memory I will treasure forever.

This week I read my first e-book for pleasure – a bit of a milestone for me. I am not a complete e-book novice; having used e-books during my studies; but it never really occurred to me that I could use them for entertainment. Imagine my surprise when I downloaded and read The Bride Test by Helen Hoang in just two days. The ease in which I was able to read the book; the actual book itself – the writing , the characters, it’s effect on my mood/reading funk; the fact that the kitten wasn’t able to chew the corners of my reading material – all things to be thankful for.

Although she eats my books, I am actually thankful for the kitten – her hilarious antics, the joy and love she brings my daughter and how comfortable she is becoming in our household.

I am thankful for all of our fur-babies (2 cats and 2 dogs) and how much love they bring to our family.

This week I am thankful for a stack of tiny and not so tiny things – avocado and cheese toasties and cinnamon donuts; a husband who irons his own work clothes (and mine); an empty washing basket; time to journal; a new book; a job I love; and the start of a new week.

What are you thankful for?

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