Bookish Me

Hey peeps! You may or may not have already noticed but this blog has been undergoing some exciting changes.

The first thing you may notice is that there has been a name change from ‘Life is what you create it’ to ‘Bookish Me’ and with that comes a new way to find me This new name comes from having noticed that this blog is becoming increasingly bookish, as I write about the things I love and that fill my life with happiness. So I have decided to run with it; creating a new blog name…something a little more bookish and a little more me.

With this name change you can expect that the content will change a little (or a lot) too. I want to be able to share my love of books and reading with bookish features, challenges, reviews and other bookish stuff; while still sharing insights into my personal life. I am hoping to inspire bookish conversations and become a part of the wonderful book blogging community; making bookish (and not so bookish) friends from all over the internet.

You may also notice that that there is a whole new look. One I am still fiddling with and trying to get just right….sorry. I’m not very technologically advanced so it’s taking a lot longer than I expect it would take others. There’s been some very long hours and WAY too many coffees during this whole process but I am hoping that the end result will be something not just for me to enjoy but for others to enjoy too.

Fingers crossed.

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