May Reads 2019

Wow! That month went fast! And just like that, it’s already time for my May wrap up and reading challenge update.

I feel like I’ve had a really slow month reading wise. I’ve struggled, particularly at the beginning of May, to find the inspiration and motivation to really devote myself to reading.

I started the month with a book that had so much promise but fell amazingly flat. Forcing myself to finish it made it hard for me to chose the next book or to even be interested in reading at all. It took me a little bit to get myself back into it; pulling myself out of the rut with a few quick, easy romantic reads. Back on track I finished strong with a book I absolutely loved.

So as May comes to an end, I reach 32/50 books of my reading challenge; having read 6 books this month. Not bad considering the lacklustre beginning.

Here’s a quick overview of May’s reads:

The Beginning Woods by Malcolm McNeill 2/5 – the book that nearly blew it all for May. The book actually started out really good, it was an interesting idea and the writing wasn’t horrible, but about halfway through it became laborious. I was pretty over the going backwards and forwards; the made up names of things and just the whole fantasy thing. Had the book been a little more condensed…say 100 pages or so…I might not have struggled so much to enjoy it…instead all I ended up doing was enduring it.

Daring Greatly: How the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead by Brene Brown 3/5 – This was a long-winded version of her Netflix special…which, I admit I to watching and enjoying, probably more so than the book. New to the whole Brene Brown thing; having only just realised she exists a few months ago; I find her research interesting and indeed valuable, but I was disappointed the book didn’t have the depth that I was hoping for. That’s not to say I didn’t take copious notes…I am a compulsive note taker…just that I was hoping for more…more inspiration…more ‘how to’…

One day in December by Josie Silver (Audiobook) 4/5 – As an audiobook this was fantastic…for the narration alone I would give this 5/5. One Day in December is a heartwarming love story, witty and fun; with a love interest who was a bit of a schmuck and a predictable ending. Plenty good enough to lift me out of my reading rut. Definitely worth a listen.

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang (e-book) 4/5 – This book was on my radar long before it was released and it did not disappoint. The characters were beautifully portrayed and well thought out. Khai – strong, dutiful and on the autism spectrum and Esme – sassy, hard working and determined – both flawed but perfect for each other. The Bride Test is a sweet romance with a few steamy moments….very enjoyable!

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren (e-book) 4/5 – Another enjoyable, ‘get me out of my rut’ read. Full review here:

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid 4/5 -LOVED IT!!! Almost a 5/5….Full review here:

Have you read any of these? I would love to hear your thoughts on these or anything else you are reading.

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