These thankful things

Woops! I was so busy last week, redesigning this blog, I completely forgot to share all the wonderful things I was thankful for….and there were many. The most important of which was the support and encouragement of my peeps as I start to follow my dreams; sharing the things I love all over the internet through this blog, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

My son has been an invaluable source of advice; taking my questions and doubts seriously and guiding me toward finding my own answers. My daughter is my sounding board; reading my posts and sharing her thoughts; encouraging me to share my ideas. My hubby is the bringer of multiple cups of coffee while I create content; the massager of tired shoulders slumped over the computer and the chief hi-fiver every time I get excited by a new like/comment. Without them, I don’t know if I even would have come this far. (I know I am still way, way, way at the beginning but I may not even have started without their support).

This week, I have put myself out there, writing my first (and second) book reviews….something I’m pretty proud of….and something I intend to do a lot more of. I have begun to make bookish friends on Instagram; reaching out through comments and likes; and am so thankful for these little snippets of friendship – shared thoughts on books, conversations and laughs.

I am thankful for a multitude of big and small things:

  • ‘snuggly’ weather; feet up on the couch with a book, blanket and a coffee
  • watching the rain through the window
  • driving with my audiobook on
  • listening to my daughter hang out with her friends…the laughter of teenage girls; loud purposely off-key singing and talking about boys
  • a perfectly organised meal plan and a husband who shares the cooking
  • freshly washed sheets and the smell of fabric softener
  • holiday planning

What are you thankful for?

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