These thankful things – 9/6/2019

This whole week has been a bit of a blur but as always there have been so many things to be truly thankful for.

For one thing, it’s the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend; meaning an extra day off work to enjoy the beautiful winter sun; spending time with family and completing masses of reading. YAY!!!

The weekend began with our traditional Friday family movie night; with all of us on the couch under blankets, eating junk food and watching downloaded movies…this week we watched ‘The Hate You Give’ and ‘Wine Country’. There was crying and laughing; conversations, cuddles and love. These regular family nights are one of my favourite ways to end the week; reconnecting with my peeps and taking the time to really be with each other. I love having my almost adult child lay her head on my lap and watch a movie while I play with her hair. I am so thankful for the closeness we share.

Then on Saturday (as we do every weekend), hubby and I got up at our usual weekday time, but instead of having to get ready for work, we sat on the couch, reading and drinking multiple cups of coffee…it is so wonderful to have a husband who shares my love of the written word. We had a relaxed breakfast, then as a team we cleaned the house, started the laundry and did all that domestic stuff. We ran out to get the groceries…hubby pushes the trolley while I fill it….and then we came home, ate lunch, walked the dogs. We talked, made plans and just hung out. We cooked dinner together. We watched TV – we usually watch renovation or cooking shows. We read. Most Saturdays are a version of this…and I love it!. As mundane as this domestic stuff may seem, this is the stuff that makes me happy. I love and am grateful for the simple acts of working together to create a nice home for our family; sharing the day to day stuff, as well as our hopes and dreams.

Sunday morning started with the coffee and the reading, then we made a plan for the day. In light of how beautiful the weather was, we decided to go out for lunch and some display home dreaming….saving up as we are, to build our own home, hopefully next year.

Monday…(today)…an extra day of coffee and reading with hubby…is a day to spend at home; re-potting some of our indoor plants; listening to my audiobook and playing around online – reading others’ blogs, scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest dreaming – with so many more cups of coffee…some of my favourite ways to relax. Being an introvert, days like these are essential; something my family (thankfully) understands.

This weekend I am thankful for a multitude of big and small things:

  • having both my children home at the same time
  • movies that make you think and feel
  • the scent of fresh potting mix
  • the greenery of indoor plants
  • wearing shorts in winter
  • newly painted fingers and toes
  • thinly sliced potato chips
  • time spent scrolling
  • finding new books to add to my tbr
  • the sound of my audiobook playing in the background

Not over yet…the weekend still promises lots more relaxing, reading and reconnecting to myself and my family. How are you spending your weekend? What are you thankful for this week?

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