These thankful things – 16/6/2019

Happy Sunday peeps!

Sunday being when I share what I have been thankful for this week, starting with my family…in particular my mother-in-law…strange as this may seem to some..and even to me who did not have a relationship of any kind with my ex-husbands family. My new mother-in-law is a truly wonderful human being….and she has been a huge support for me over the past few weeks while I have been going through some medical things….testing and what-not….even though I am not religious in a church going way…I feel blessed to know that I am at the forefront of her heart and in her prayers at this time.

I’m also super thankful for my sisters…the one who refused to take no for an answer when I said I didn’t need company at my appointment and instead pretended to leave, doubling back to wait outside my doctors to be there when I came out ‘just in case’. And the other who keeps me laughing when things feel blah…and takes my mind off things when I really need her to.

I am thankful for:

  • doctors who are working quickly to work out what is happening in my body
  • a workplace that understands when I need time off for appointments or to recover from tests
  • the way our kitten runs; skidding around the corner; to greet me when I get hom from work
  • the kitty snuggles and love
  • pork belly with baked veggies cooked by my hubby
  • staying in on a Saturday night to read on the couch
  • the scent of Ylang Ylang and Wild Orange in the diffuser

What are you thankful for?

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