Weekly bookish wrap up: 21/6/2019

A post to share all the bookish things I have been up to during the week – the books I’ve read; the books I purchased; the books I’m currently reading and anything else remotely bookish and worth sharing. A simple post to check in with bookish friends and hear about their bookish week.

This week, I have been on rest and relaxation after having a little medical procedure and it has been a fantastic opportunity to do a massive chunk of reading….and a little bit of TV watching. I caught up on Big Little Lies. After binge watching Season 1, I have been so excited to watch Season 2. I really love Meryl Streep as an actress so I’ve been looking forward to her joining the already amazing cast. And she has not disappointed. Have you been watching?

My son also made me watch ‘Always Be My Maybe’ with him. Have you seen it? So much fun and super cute.

The rest of my time has been spent working through some of the titles on my TBR. I got 4 books finished and started one other.

Books read:

Becoming by Michelle Obama ★★★★ – Perfect as an audiobook. Michelle is an absolutely beautiful human being and it was amazing to be able to hear her tell her own story.

The Farm by Joanne Ramos ★★★★ – A thought provoking read that I really enjoyed right up until the last few pages. Not sure how I feel about the end yet…when I figure it out I’ll definitely be writing a review.

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert ★★★★★ – Wow!!! That is all I’ve got to say about that at the moment.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood ★★★★ – I wasn’t sure what to expect and to be honest I had passed this book over dozens of times; leaving it languishing at the bottom of my TBR. But then I picked it up and couldn’t put it down; reading it in just a few hours. There were a few moments that that stopped me in my tracks…I had to stop, breathe and take the the time digest what I just read. But it was completely worth it. If, like me, you have been overlooking this book, I highly recommend digging it out of your TBR pile and give it a read.

Currently reading:

A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Bridget Kemmerer – Recommended to my by both my sister and my niece, it is a contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Fairy tale/fantasy fiction is not usually my thing, but I am enjoying it so far. I think it helps that the female lead has some serious spunk given her circumstances.

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