These thankful things – 23/6/2019

Happiest of Sundays everyone!!!

Today’s ‘These thankful things’ is going to be a quick one because I’m not feeling the most healthy today and I am busting to curl up and have a little nap….and that’s my first thankful thing…afternoon naps and the fact that even as adults we are allowed to have them. YAY!!! Because who doesn’t just need to lay their head down for a quick rest every now and then?

The weather here is being super accomodating as well…it’s dark and rainy….perfect for snuggling. I’m not a big fan of Winter but I am a big fan of snuggling,,,so Happy Days!!

Since the change in the weather, I have managed to take such a huge chunk out of my tbr…reading for hours with a coffee in my hand and powering through some really wonderful books. You can see what I’ve been reading this week in my Weekly bookish wrap up – 21/6/2019

Yesterday, the weather wasn’t as snuggly….the winter sun was peaking it’s face out through the clouds…so hubby suggested we go for a drive. Driving is one of my favourite ways to re-energise…to get a bit of my spark back. Here’s my Self-care top 15 go-to ideas for when I need a little extra self-compassion….driving – windows down; music up; exploring destinations known or unknown – is number 15.

Yesterday’s destination was unknown and lead us to a book fair….oh my booklove!!…where we spent 2.5 hours scouring through boxes of books together before purchasing our favourites.

There was a leisurely lunch in a cafe and a very scenic drive home; chatting, singing and laughing. So much to be thankful for:

  • singing and laughing in the car; playing the number plate game
  • hand holding while driving
  • country roads; complete with wandering cows and magical scenery
  • open steak sandwiches at quirky cafes
  • finding 5 books for only $9
  • time spent reading
  • snuggles and naps on the couch
  • fluffy blankets and woolly jumpers; the smell of lavender on both

What are you thankful for this week?