August Reads 2019

August reading felt like a struggle after the excitement of completing my Goodreads Reading Challenge last month; with only 5 books read – 2 ‘physical in my hand books’, 1 book on my Kindle and 2 audiobooks. But I am hoping September will see me get back in the swing of reading for Spring. I’m excited for the warmer weather and being able to take my books outdoors; picnicing and to the beach.

August books:

A Dog’s Purpose – W. Bruce Cameron 3/5 – If I’m honest I’m not really sure what even possessed me to purchase this book….I guess the dog on the cover is pretty cute…maybe I was looking for something in the vein of Marley and Me…although why I have no idea. Not really my thing but I didn’t hate it. I’ve actually given it to my niece because it’s probably more a ‘teenage girl who loves animals’ kind of book.

Her Pretty Face – Robyn Harding – 3/5 – A quick read that didn’t really live up to expectations. It was fairly predictable; so not the domestic thriller it was touted as being; but still readable.

The Girl He Used to Know – Tracey Graves Garvis – 3/5 – Another 3…not having much luck this month with books choices. This one was much hyped and it started out wonderfully; then it took me too long to get through it and I fell out of love with Jonathon because of his recurring and repetitive ‘thoughts’ about Annika’s breasts. Don’t get me wrong…I am happy for the love interests to be physically in awe of each other but if you are going to use the same descriptive phrase 4, 5 or 6 times…I’m going to get over it. I wonder if the plot twist hadn’t happened would I have even given this one 3 stars. It’s a shame because it had so much promise in the beginning.

The Other Half of Augusta Hope – Joanna Glen – 4/5 – Such a slow start…I don’t know if was me or the book that made reading so difficult…but then 2/3 in (if you can wait that long) it became unputdownable….making it 4 stars. Told through dual storylines, it was fairly easy to see where it was leading but I found the characters interesting enough that it didn’t really matter.

Don’t You Forget About Me – Mhairi Mc Farlane – 5/5 – Finally a 5 star read for August. Absolutely loved this one. So many real laugh out loud moments, likeable characters, accents (yes I listened on Audible) and oh my heart romance. A little in love with Lucas McCarthy…what more can I say? If you haven’t already, read this!

I hope you had a wonderfully bookish month. Want to share your thoughts and feelings about any of these books or anything else you are reading? I would love to hear from you.

Happy reading!

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