Weekly bookish wrap up: 29/9/2019

Books read:

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms ★★★ – I can’t say I loved it and maybe the cringy narration was partly to blame. I actually ended up switching to reading on my Kindle app; the narration was so annoying. I thought the book was a bit of a nothing book…no substance, characters that weren’t very likeable and a plot that seemed more like a lame middle of the night TV rom-com without the com. That said,

  • I understood Amy’s need for a break from single mum life – once I got to know her better and she became less whiny;
  • I could relate to the guilt caused by her taking a break – because mum-guilt is real;
  • the ‘hot librarian’ was someone I could definitely fall for; and
  • the family crisis at the end gave me something real to care about.

Probably won’t be recommending this to anyone being that it was just okay…unless you’re after just okay…then here’s your book.

Currently reading:

I’m Fine and Neither Are You by Camille Pagan – I picked this mostly for the cover and because I have seen it on Bookstagram a few times. Unfortunately I downloaded it before I read the reviews. Wish me luck!!

After the End by Claire Mackintosh – Oh my …I just know my heart is going to broken into a millions pieces…but I’m hoping it gets somehow put back together again. Only halfway in and absolutely wrapped up in this one…keeping the tissues close by. I think it’s going to go straight to my favourites shelf.

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