Weekly bookish wrap up: 6/10/2019

This week’s wrap up is a bit late because….. it’s the long weekend…Yay!!…so even though today is Monday, it still feels like the weekend….and I’m not ready to wrap it up just yet. My hubby is making homemade pizzas and the smell is amazing; the whole house is opened up for the warmer weather that daylight savings brings and I am in holiday mode. Not lots of reading happening but lots of relaxing….

Books read:

I’m Fine and Neither Are You by Camille Pagan ★★ – Didn’t love it; didn’t even really care about it and was pretty happy once I’d finished it.

After the End by Claire Mackintosh ★★★★ – I loved it …oh how I loved it…even when it was confusing; jumping backwards and forwards ‘Sliding Doors’ style…right up until the very last paragraph. Claire Mackintosh why would you do that to me?

With an unimaginable and completely heart-breaking decision to be made, I really felt Max and Pip’s pain…not helped by the little boy sharing my son’s name. I enjoyed the courtroom drama and I loved that the author chose to show boths sides of the ruling. But the ending left me dazed and confused…and even a little angry….so much so I had to go to Google to make sure I hadn’t read it wrong…nope I didn’t. Final paragraph aside, if you haven’t read it yet it’s definitely worth a read…but keep the tissues nearby.

Currently reading:

Currently reading? …too many books at once.

It’s not unusual for me to have a physical novel and an audiobook happening at the same time… but this week I have started a book on my Kindle app, and I’m still reading the non-fiction that I started a while ago…. 4 books in total….Anyone else read too many books at once?

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