Weekly bookish wrap up: 13/10/2019

Happy Sunday peeps!! I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. I’m sitting in my partially organised reading room….books spread all over the floor (still waiting for my bookshelves to arrive); the essential oil diffuser going with the gorgeous scent of Lemongrass, Juniper Berry and Cedarwood and a hot caramel latte in hand as I wrap up my bookish week.

Books read:

Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come by Jessica Pan ★★★★ – Laugh out loud funny and a bit uncomfortable; this novel is about what would happen if a ‘shy introvert lived like a gregarious extrovert for one year’….um..no thanks…while I found this idea interesting I have no desire to do anything similar. I’m extremely happy with my status as an introvert and have no plans to experiment with improvisation, stand up comedy or any of the other things Jessica pushed herself to try….except maybe the solo holiday…that could be fun…just me and my books….

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone by Lori Gottlieb ★★★★ – An enjoyable and insightful read that delivered many truth nuggets. With compassion, honesty and humour, Lori writes about therapy – her own experiences and those of her clients; about relationships and the importance of connection to others.

Currently reading:

The Stationery Shop of Tehran by Marjan Kamali – this is my latest audiobook and I’m blown away by how much I am enjoying it…both the narration and the story. I’m taking this one slow on purpose; savouring every word.

Dear Lily by Drew Davies – I have to admit I’ve only read the first few pages and then I got side-tracked by other books. It’s the first casualty of trying to read too many books at once but I’m hoping I’ll come back to it soon.

What have you been reading this week?

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