What’s on my Audiobook Wishlist?

I’m new to the audiobook world; having only just started listening to audio this year; but I am loving it!!!

I love the freedom of being able to move about the house, getting things done, my audiobook attached to my speaker. I love driving to work while ‘reading’ and have begun (now that the weather is warmer) to sit outside in my lunchreak, listening to my book in the sun.

I’m loving the whole audio thing so much that I wanted to share what was on my current Audiobook Wishlist:

At the moment I only have 3 books on my wishlist. I walk a fine line between wanting to buy physical copies of the books I think I will love and need to keep, and not wanting to waste my valuable Audible credits on something I’m not all that interested in.

I’m currently listening to The Stationery Shop of Tehran by Marjan Kamali and absolutely loving it; so much so I feel I might have to buy a copy of it for my shelves. Does anyone else do this? Buy a copy of a book they loved just so they can keep it near…or is that just me?

What are you currently listening to? I’d love to chat and maybe add to my wishlist if you have any recommendations….