October Reads 2019

It’s halfway through November and I am only now getting around to wrapping up October. I’ve been taking a much needed break from blogging …and the extra stress I put on myself to create content….and concentrating on actual reading. I’ve been focusing on some self-care to cope with the anxiety which has been plaguing me the last six months…and my whole life…but specifically the last six months. There’s been long hours on the couch staring blankly at Netflix or watching reruns of Law and Order; time spent with family and furbabies; early nights and days spent in bed. I’ve gone back to a regular routine of yoga and meditation; of healthier eating and exercise….hoping that I start to feel better soon. In the meantime, I might not post as often as I might want to or should do….but I am still here; reading other people’s posts and joining in with the bookish community in other ways.

Anyhoo….let’s wrap up October…

October was an amazing month of book choices. Each book either 4 or 5 stars; all highly recommended. My favourites, not only for October, but also for 2019 so far were The Dutch House by Ann Patchett and The Stationery Shop of Tehran by Marjan Kamali. Both beautifully written and, as audiobooks, wonderfully narrated.

October books:

I hope you had a wonderfully bookish month.

Want to share your thoughts and feelings about any of these books or anything else you are reading? Please comment below. I’d love to chat!!

Happy reading!

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