December Reads 2019

Okay….so I’m way behind…and yes I did just wrap up the year…but I didn’t feel right without wrapping up the final month of the year.

December felt like an absolute doozy. It went so fast and I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere reading wise. I had big plans to get to the bottom of my tbr and I almost made it……almost….with only 2.5 books remaining on that particularly shelf. And then came Christmas and presents, holidays and book shopping…let’s just say there’s more than 2.5 books on the shelf now….way more! Oops!!!

Here’s what I did read in December:

When you actually write it all down, I did have quite a good month. I even managed to write 3 book reviews.

I hope you, too, had a wonderfully bookish month. What were your favourite reads for December?

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