Saturday Shelfie #3

Welcome bookish peeps to the Saturday Shelfie.

A fortnightly space where I share all the books – any genre, any format – that I’ve added to my already overflowing shelves……….every book I have been buying, borrowing, requesting and downloading in the previous two weeks, while keeping posts easy and not hugely time-consuming because….. our shelves are full of books waiting to be read, right?

So here goes:

Physical Books

I have long wanted to read The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray but had given up all hope of it’s release in Australian bookstores until I wandered in and…..there it was!!!!

Lullaby by Leila Slimani is a translation of an award-winning French novel called Chanson Douce/The Perfect Nanny….hopefully it lives up to it’s hype.




None….zip, zero, zilch……focusing on reading the ones I’ve already got and getting on top of some reviews….I’m too far behind to be requesting anything new. :/

What have you added to your shelves recently?

3 thoughts on “Saturday Shelfie #3

  1. Definitely in the beginning and at the end…but somewhere in the middle I got a bit lost. I often find that happens in novels translated from their written language….for me at least. 🙂


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