Saturday Shelfie #4

Welcome bookish peeps to the Saturday Shelfie.

fortnightly space where I share all the books – any genre, any format – that I’ve added to my already overflowing shelves……….every book I have been buying, borrowing, requesting and downloading in the previous two weeks, while keeping posts easy and not hugely time-consuming because….. our shelves are full of books waiting to be read, right?

So, my Saturday Shelfie is coming to you on Sunday….big OOOPS!! on my part…because I didn’t get anywhere near my laptop yesterday….or look at my planner….or generally be organised in any way, shape or form. I did however go plant shopping with my daughter and filled my house with some gorgeous greenery, then collapsed on the couch scrolling through Pinterest looking at pictures of indoor plants.

Now that I have realised I owe everybody a Saturday Shelfie, here’s what I’ve been purchasing, downloading and requesting:

Physical Books



None….zip, zero, zilch.


What have you added to your shelves recently?

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