Not-So-Bookish Things – March

Happy last day of the month bookish peeps!!

March has been a massive month of reorganising and rearranging the blog. And it has seen the invention of a number of regular posts, such as this one – Not-So-Bookish Things – a monthly post to share what I’ve been doing in other non bookish parts of my life.

A monthly post designed to share more than just my love of books; to share what is capturing my attention and heart personally; in my family life; through travel; musically and on screen. To share the things I love and the things I am grateful for. And hopefully give you an insight into my life outside of this bookish world.

What I’ve been watching:

All The Bright Places – I did mean to read the book first but my daughter couldn’t wait that long. This was real curl up in bed with lots of cozy blankets and a box of tissues kinda movie and I loved it!

Have you seen it yet? Or are you reading the book first?

Virgin River – The whole of Season 1…completely bingeworthy!!!! Can’t wait until Season 2 is released.

What I’ve been listening to:

On repeat….in my car, in my house…EVERYWHERE!

You Broke Up With Me – Walker Hayes…I would not EVER make my bed and not want him in it. ❤


Your kids can now watch astronauts reading stories from space – Scary Mummy – how brilliant is this?

I’m loving all of the wonderful learning opportunities for children that are coming out during this time of homeschooling and isolation. Even though my peeps are not really clasified as school aged anymore…my son is at university and my daughter is in her final year….we have been enjoying a number of the zoo live streams, links to museums and such.

What I’m grateful for:

Exactly this……a sun-drenched reading room, my new favourite plant and our adorable kitten Sarabi…just one of my furry reading companions.

The Best Bits:

I learnt how to make ⭐ in my blogposts…a small but fun addition to my blog and something that makes me smile….it’s the little things! 🙂

My daughter and her best friend, both 17 years old, sitting at my dining table painting plaster moulds of dinasours and fairies, chatting/giggling like little girls…..after going to a cafe and having a very grown up brunch together. I love this in-between age.

Those same girls making me play Hay Day with them.

Hearing the Lego box getting rummaged through…for the first time in years.

Time spent journaling.

Just a snippet of not-so-bookish things….happy reading!

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