March Replay

Hello, hello bookish peeps!!

Welcome to the inaugural Monthly Replay…a monthly post that highlights all the posts I’ve written during the month (just in case you missed them) and all the posts I’ve really enjoyed reading as I roamed wild and free around the bookish community.

My blogposts:

Wrap it up!:

Book Reviews:



Discussion Posts:

Bookish Links I loved:

Do you have to write book reviews to be a book blogger? – Drizzle and Hurricane Books

How To Decide Which Blogs To Follow (ft. Bloggers You Should Definitely Follow) – The Writerly Way – even though Sammie and I have completely different reading tastes, I love reading her blog. She always puts a smile on my face with her witty ways.

How I Edit My Pictures – Cups and Thoughts – so interesting to see how Cath edits her photos and creates such a gorgeous blog/Bookstagram. I am, as always, in awe of her stunning style…and am hoping that one day I will take the plunge and begin experimenting in order to create my own gorgeous style. Till then I’m just going to continue to look and gain inspiration from others.

Hope you’ve had a wonderfully bookish month.

Happy Reading!!!

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