Not-so-bookish Things – April

Happy last day of April bookish peeps!!

It’s time to wrap up April in a whole other way now… a not-so-bookish way.

Not-So-Bookish Things is a monthly post designed to share more than just my love of books; to share what is capturing my attention and heart personally; in my family life; through travel; musically and on screen. To share the things I love and the things I am grateful for. And hopefully give you an insight into my life outside of this bookish world.

What I’ve been watching:

While she’s home, isolated from school and friends, my daughter dragged me down the Tiger King rabbit hole…there are no words for that…

then she talked me into watching Shane Dawson’s The Secret World of Jeffrey Star…another eye opening series but one I really enjoyed. Maybe it was the company I was keeping but it was fun to lay around with my girl and binge watch something together.

What I’ve been listening to:

Singles You Up – Jordan Davis – I wake up with this song in my head and I dance around the kitchen to it making my morning coffee.


Lady Antebellum sings Islands In The Stream as tribute to Kenny Rogers. I grew up listening to Kenny and my whole family used to sing this song whenever it came on…something I have passed down to my kids. Plus you’ve just gotta love Lady Antebellum…how good are they?

Whimsy Pages posted about her blogging routine – The Tools I Can’t Live Without and Scheduling and Colour Coding – both interesting reads. I love a good bit of organisation.

What I’m grateful for:

My hubby…..this month we celebrated our second wedding anniversary…two years since one of the happiest days of both of lives.

The Best Bits:

Obvs our anniversary…even though we celebrated at home…no fancy dinners or weekends away….we were together.

Submitting my final assignment for my course….no more studying for quite a while.

Playing celebrity heads at work when we are low in numbers….so funny!

Taking daily walks with my family to get out of the house for a bit + get some exercise.

Big book orders…books delivered for everyone.

Rekindling my love of salt and vinegar crisp sandwiches….Yum!!! I forgot how much I loved them.

What’s your favourite lunch item?

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