Favourite Audiobook – April

Happy Friday bookish peeps!!

This week’s Friday Faves is my favourite audiobook in April.

A slightly difficult choice as I only listened to 2 audiobooks this month and both were 5 stars. But just a smidge better than Mhairi McFarlane’s If I Never Met You was this book….

The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock by Jane Riley

The Blurb:

His life is perfectly regimented. Is there really room for something as unpredictable as love?

Oliver Clock has everything arranged just so. A steady job running the family funeral parlour. A fridge stocked with ready meals. A drawer full of colour-coded socks. A plan (of sorts) to stay trim enough for a standard-sized coffin. And in florist Marie, he’s even found the love of his life—not that she’s aware of it.

When a terrible tragedy takes Marie out of his life but leaves him with her private journal, he discovers too late that she secretly loved him back. Faced now with an empty love life, a family funeral business in trouble, a fast-approaching fortieth birthday and a notebook of resolutions he’s never achieved, Oliver resolves to open himself up to love—and all the mess that comes along with it.

But, with a habit of burying his feelings, can he learn to embrace his lovability and find the woman who will make him feel whole?

My thoughts:

I was completely drawn in by the cover, expecting an engaging read in the vein of The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman but just a little less bookish. Maybe it’s the colour scheme……they are pretty similar…ish.

And I got exactly that. Oliver is a quirky, social awkward but completely loveable character. Secretly in love with his closest friend, he is a man intent on self-improvement through his notebook of resolutions:

  • I must eat less cake.
  • I must stop watching informercials.
  • I must take up a hobby – making model aeroplanes, perhaps?
  • I must go to the movies once a month, even if it means going on my own
  • I must find love. (The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock pg 1)

Having inherited the family funeral parlour after his father’s death, Oliver is now the offical holder of his Father’s Folder of Systematic Funeral Protocol and charged with keeping everything running smoothly. With the ‘help’ of his mum and and fuelled by sweets, Oliver takes the business of death…and finding love…. seriously.

In the midst of a mid-life crisis and having lost his closest friend, Oliver feels the clock ticking. Resolving to create himself a life and find someone he can share it with.

If you haven’t read this yet, I highly recommend the audio version. The naration is brilliant!!! I actually laughed out loud at some of Oliver’s more quirky thoughts, feelings and concerns. All the death/funeral talk notwithstanding, this was a feel-good read…a little bit romantic and a whole lot life-affirming.

3 thoughts on “Favourite Audiobook – April

  1. I’m going to put The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock on my KU list for later this year. I love it when Amazon offers free audiobooks with their Kindle Unlimited books.

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