Bookish Possibilities – May

Happy Bookish May everyone!!!

I’ve decided to change up my blog and some of my regular posts a bit during the month of May to ward off the blogging slump that has been creeping up on me over the last couple of months.

You’ll start to notice a little bit of a design change, a lot more photos (hopefully) and some new content. I’m aiming for a better look, simpler but more engaging blog posts and more of me in every post.

Normally in my Bookish Possibilities post I would outline 3 possible reading choices for the month. And usually they are books that I end up reading…often because I feel like I have to…or because they are ARCs that need to be read within a time frame. But this month I want to try something different.

As well as creating a list of books I want to read during the month, I want to set some bookish and blogging goals for the month (each month) and see what I can actually accomplish.

Bookish Goals

  • Read at least 10 books
  • Read 1 book outside my genre comfort zone
  • Read and review 3 ARCs
  • Write at least 5 book reviews

Books I want to read

Here’s 10 bookish possibilities for the month of May. I hope I’ll actually read more than this….but because I’m a mood reader, this list could easily change or be completely disregarded at my whim. We’ll see!

Physical books




Blogging Goals

I know stats aren’t the be all and end all….and blogging is for fun…but I do find it fun to track things. I’m a list maker, a spreadsheet lover and a journaler so there will be some stats involved in these goals. Other goals will be a bit more generic. Some will be more about creativity…and less number oriented.

  • Blog hop with more regularity…e.g.more than just on Sundays
  • Boost my following across all media platforms
  • Get involved…like more, comment more…get involved in chat!
  • Show more of me in each blogpost
  • Post at least every second day
  • Reorganise my Bookstagram and delete some of the old look

And there you have it….the first ‘new-look’ Bookish Possibilities. I hope you guys liked it…and I didn’t bore anyone to tears. Let me know your thoughts, feelings, concerns in the comments below.

Are you someone who likes to set monthly goals for your reading and blogging? How do you keep track of them?

What are you hoping to accomplish in May?

What books are in your May TBR?

8 thoughts on “Bookish Possibilities – May

  1. Hello! Having a bookish possibilities post is a great idea. I might do the same, I hope that is okay? I have a hard time committing to a set TBR and this is a good solution for it. Hope you enjoy your reading month.

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