Friday Faves – Blue Covers

Happy Friday bookish peeps!!

This week’s Friday Faves topic is favourite blue book covers on my bookshelf.

Here’s the first thing you need to know about me – I am definitely someone who chooses a book by its cover. That being said, I am more often than not drawn to blue covers. It’s odd, I know, to have a preferred colour choice for books, particularly when that colour is not even my favourite colour in the rest of my life…but there you have it!!

I LOVE BLUE BOOKS!!! …and I cannot lie….

And I have more blue books on my shelves than any other colour.

So here are my ten favourite blue book covers on my reading room shelf:

No suprises that the first 3 books belong to Jessie Burton….her covers are some of the most gorgeous I have even seen.

Alice Hoffman always has striking book covers too.

Less blue….more teal…but still beautiful!!

And the last book is not actually on my shelf yet…’s on it’s way in the post….but it is too lovely not to put in this list.

Are you drawn to any particularly colour books for your shelves? Do you own squillions of blue books?

If you had to choose what is your all-time favourite book cover?

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