The Stuck At Home Book Tag

Happy Tagging Thursday bookish peeps!

Here’s a fun little tag to keep us occupied during these ‘stuck at home’ times. Found on the gorgeous blog of The Bookish Chick I just had to tag myself in it.

The Stuck At Home Book Tag rules….

Thank the person who nominated you….I tagged myself
Answer all the questions down below
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What are you currently reading?

Synopsis: An unforgettable story of loneliness, isolation and finding your way. Heart-wrenching, wise and wryly funny, this novel will make you kinder to those who are lost.

Miss Kaye works at The Institute. A place for the damaged, the outliers, the not-quite rights. Everyone has different strategies to deal with the residents. Some bark orders. Some negotiate tirelessly. Miss Kaye found that simply being herself was mostly the right thing to do.

Susie was seven when she realised she’d had her fill of character building. She’d lie between her Holly Hobbie sheets thinking how slowly birthdays come around, but how quickly change happened. One minute her Dad was saying that the family needed to move back to the city and then, SHAZAM, they were there. Her mum didn’t move to the new house with them. And Susie hated going to see her mum at the mind hospital. She never knew who her mum would be. Or who would be there. As the years passed, there were so many things Susie wanted to say but never could.

Miss Kaye will teach Susie that the loudness of unsaid things can be music – and together they will learn that living can be more than surviving. (from Goodreads)

What’s your favourite ‘can’t leave the house’ activity?

Reading is obviously my number 1 ‘can’t leave the house’ activity…..closely followed by blogging, bloghopping and social media scrolling. When I’m at home my laptop is just like an extension to my body, permanently at the end of my tapping away fingers.

When I’m not doing any of that I’m usually journaling….I like to do yoga….and I like to just hang about with my peeps and fur-peeps.

A book you’ve been meaning to read forever:

I have never read any Jane Austen, in fact I’ve barely read any true classics, but that is going to end this year with this book – Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

An intimidating book on your TBR:

This has been on my TBR for years…since I found it in a secondhand bookstore and brought it home…..but I’ve put of starting it. It’s such a big book….in size… YES!… but also in content.

Top 3 priority books on your TBR:

  • Where The Forest Meets The Stars by Glendy Vanderah
  • Oona Out Of Order by Margarita Montimore
  • The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang

Recommend a short book:

One of the better shorter books I’ve read this year…The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa…at only 256 pages.

Recommend a long book:

I don’t normally read long books…anything over 500 pages requires to much time and concentration for me to bother with…..The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern however is close to this upper limit at 490 pages and left a lasting impression.

Something you’d love to do while stuck at home:

Gardening ….weeding, planting, getting my hands dirty and making everything beautiful. I have dreams of creating an outdoor space with lots of greenery, edible plants, fairy lights, a firepit, a big table for sharing meals and some comfy reading chairs.

What do you plan on reading next?

You Deserve Each other by Sarah Hogle……I’ve heard good things about this book so I’m excited to read it.

And there you go…..thanks for reading πŸ™‚

I’m not going to nominate any blogger in particular, but if you’d like have a go at this tag I’d love to see your answers!!

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