Hello readers!! Welcome to my revamped blog.

Its taken me two whole weeks and every spare minute to redesign ‘Bookish Me’, making it a little more like the present me. With a completely new look – all girly and floral in my favourite colour – purple – I’m excited to begin blogging regularly again.

For those who knew me when I was blogging all the time, you may notice I have not only changed my look but I have also sorted and deleted quite a bit of content in an attempt to streamline what I want to share. This has definitely been the most time consuming part of the revamping process but has lifted the feel of the blog immensely. I just love looking at it now.

In the beginning I will most likely start out slow with a monthly wrap up post and maybe a meme or two. I’d really like to have a go at the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge this year but mostly I am looking forward to reading what my bookish friends have been up to while I have been MIA in the book blogging community.

Are any of you also wanting to do the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge? What memes are you all doing? What have you been reading?….so many questions, I know, but I’m just so excited to be back.

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