Monthly bookish wrap up: January 2023

For someone who has struggled to read over the past few years with any consistency, it’s amazing to be able to say that I have read 5 books so far this year. And even more amazing to be on track for my Goodreads Reading Challenge Goal of 40 books. Yes, I know it is only January and anything can happen but I feel confident that this is the year I will get my bookish groove back.

Books read: 5 books in total – 1 paperback, 1 audiobook and 3 e-books

  • Big Chicas Don’t Cry by Annette Chavez Macias ★★
  • Impossible to Forget by Imogen Clark ★★★★
  • Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi ★★★
  • Beard with Me by Penny Reid ★★★★
  • Who Do You Think You Are Maggie Pink? by Janet Hoggarth ★★★★

Favourite read: Beard with Me by Penny Reid

I love the Winston Brothers novels by Penny Reid and have listened to the first 6 of the series on audiobook over the last few years. I’m currently listening to the 7th and final novel, Beard Necessities, and expect to be finished in February (I’m a bit slow on audio because I only listen in my car on the way to work – the rest of my reading comes from either Kindle or actual ‘hold it in your hand’ books).

Least favourite read: Big Chicas Don’t cry by Annette Chavez Macias

This book was difficult to read with a fairly predictable plot, a dizzying amount of perspective switching between characters, none of whom I cared for, and an overuse of Spanglish to make a point…the point being that they are Latina…GOT IT!! At more than one point I was tempted to just put it down and not pick it back up again. I’m glad I didn’t though, being that it was my first book of 2023 – that would not have been a great way to start the year.

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 5/40

How has your Goodreads Challenge started? How many books have you chosen as your goal?

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