Saturday Shelfie #6

Welcome bookish peeps to the Saturday Shelfie. A fortnightly space where I share all the books – any genre, any format – that I’ve added to my already overflowing shelves……….every book I have been buying, borrowing, requesting and downloading in the previous two weeks, while keeping posts easy and not hugely time-consuming because….. our shelves are full of books waiting to be read, right? I’m still collecting books although I seem to have … Continue reading Saturday Shelfie #6

March Reads 2020

Hello, hello bookish peeps! Here we go…wrapping up yet another month. A month of uncertainty and an untold amount of panic and anxiety worldwide. Of isolation, social distancing and toilet paper shortages. A month filled with books…and reading…and blogpost writing. March has been my biggest reading month of the year so far…..and I’m not even on isolation…..YET! Books read: 10 books – 6 audiobooks, 2 … Continue reading March Reads 2020

Not-So-Bookish Things – March

Happy last day of the month bookish peeps!! March has been a massive month of reorganising and rearranging the blog. And it has seen the invention of a number of regular posts, such as this one – Not-So-Bookish Things – a monthly post to share what I’ve been doing in other non bookish parts of my life. A monthly post designed to share more than … Continue reading Not-So-Bookish Things – March

Goodreads Monday -30/3/2020

Goodreads Monday is a really simple weekly meme hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners where you choose a book at random from your Goodreads TBR and explain why you want to read it. This week’s pick is: Title: Foolish Hearts Author: Emma Mills Published: 5th December 2017 by Henry Holt & Co. When Claudia accidentally eavesdrops on the epic breakup of Paige and Iris, the it-couple at her … Continue reading Goodreads Monday -30/3/2020

Weekly bookish wrap up – 29/3/2020

Happy Sunday beautiful, bookish people!!! I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you are staying safe and well in these craziest of times. I am STILL waiting for my government to make the smart decision to shut us all down but until then I am still going to work, still cuddling the babies (because there’s no social distancing in childcare) and still … Continue reading Weekly bookish wrap up – 29/3/2020

Book Review: Normal People by Sally Rooney

Title: Normal People Author: Sally Rooney Publication: 16th April 2019 by Hogarth Press Genre: Contemporary Fiction Format: Audiobook The Blurb from Goodreads: At school Connell and Marianne pretend not to know each other. He’s popular and well-adjusted, star of the school soccer team while she is lonely, proud, and intensely private. But when Connell comes to pick his mother up from her housekeeping job at … Continue reading Book Review: Normal People by Sally Rooney

Life According To Literature Tag

Happy Wednesday bookish peeps! Here’s a little something….found here on the lovely Emer’s blog – A Little Haze Book Blog…..that looks like so much fun. The Rules: To answer the questions use only books you have read during the past year Do not repeat any title Tag some friends For this tag I’ll be using books that I read in 2019…because it’s only March and … Continue reading Life According To Literature Tag