About Me

Hello bookish peeps!

Thank you for finding me here in my tiny piece of the internet and taking the time to get to know me. My life is both ordinary and extraordinarily blessed and I look forward to sharing it with you.

As a mum, I am grateful that two of the loveliest, most kindhearted, amazingly talented and funny humans I know chose me to be their mum.

As a wife, I have found my real life soulmate who supports me in everything I do and whose company I truly enjoy.

Outside of these two most important aspects of my life, I am a furbaby mumma; an educator of little people; a coffee addict and a lover of books with a mile high tbr pile. I am an introvert who craves daily meditation and yoga; in a never ending search for inner peace. I love travelling (always with a book or three in my bag) and spending time in nature, barefoot. I’m addicted to stationery and a compulsive list maker. My mind doesn’t have a pause button…and insomnia is my friend someone I know well…..sigh!

Did I mention I love to read????

And that dear reader is why I’m here…..to share my love of books, reading and life with other bookish peeps.

Thanks for stopping by…