June Reads 2020

I feel like calling this a wrap up post is probably a little misleading in that I have barely done anything worthy of wrapping up. Oh dear!!! Straight off the back of my most ‘massivest’ reading month EVER I have succumbed to absolute burnout; barely able to lift a book. I have listened to a couple of audiobooks, mostly out of habit – I like … Continue reading June Reads 2020

May Reads 2020

I’m a little lot late but it’s time to wrap up May…..and what a massive reading month it was….my ‘massivest’ yet!!!! I definitely conquered the ‘too many books, too little time’ thing during May….spending every minute of every day reading to the exclusion of almost everything else; reading 14 books…..14!!!! And most of them 4 ⭐ Books read: 14 books – 4 audiobooks, 5 eARC … Continue reading May Reads 2020

March Reads 2020

Hello, hello bookish peeps! Here we go…wrapping up yet another month. A month of uncertainty and an untold amount of panic and anxiety worldwide. Of isolation, social distancing and toilet paper shortages. A month filled with books…and reading…and blogpost writing. March has been my biggest reading month of the year so far…..and I’m not even on isolation…..YET! Books read: 10 books – 6 audiobooks, 2 … Continue reading March Reads 2020

October Reads 2019

It’s halfway through November and I am only now getting around to wrapping up October. I’ve been taking a much needed break from blogging …and the extra stress I put on myself to create content….and concentrating on actual reading. I’ve been focusing on some self-care to cope with the anxiety which has been plaguing me the last six months…and my whole life…but specifically the last … Continue reading October Reads 2019