It’s my Blogiversary!!

What even?

I know I’m getting older and appearently time goes quicker as you age but it feels like only yesterday I decided to start this blog. And here I am …a whole year later celebrating my BLOGIVERSARY!!!

This week marks the anniversary of the time I first pressed ‘Publish‘.

What a difference a year makes….as they say. What began as a journalling exercise has, in such a short time, become something I am really passionate about – having a place to share my love of books and reading with others.

I started this blog with no real vision other than “I spend so much time on my computer why not use it to journal”….followed by “a blog might be fun…and pretty…and whatever else was going on in my head….” I got a little swept up in the creative process; taking days and weeks to come up with a look I even considered liking. I didn’t know how to create a domain (a what now?); how to post photos or content; or how to link anything up. I spent many frustrating hours trying to work it all out.

Once I sorted that out I started to write posts about my life… long since deleted….but I didn’t feel confident or even excited about them…*insert disheartened face here*

Then I joined Instagram……..found Bookstagram….followed the links to book blogs …and other readers all over the world connecting with each other over reading. And there was the ‘aha moment’….I found where I wanted to be…in the bookish world.

Within days I had renamed and redesigned the entire blog, creating a look I love…but one that is still somewhat a work in progress.

I have been inspired by some truly amazing blogs and made some new bookish friends. And the best part for this introverted soul…all the books!!

I have read more books in the past year than I ever remember reading. I have been introduced to some wonderful new books, found new ‘must-read’ authors and started listening to audiobooks; loving the ease at which I can be transported into a story even while doing a multitude of other things.

While I am still very much a blogging newbie; no where near where I want to be someday; I am loving every second I spend in the book blogging universe. Every day I am working on becoming a better writer, creating new content, putting myself out there and joining in just a little bit more. In the future I’m looking forward to creating my own regular posts; writing a lot more book reviews and continuing to meet wonderful and inspirational bookish friends.

I’m so appreciative to everyone who has stopped by to read my posts, comment or like something on my blog. Thank you for your beautiful support and friendship. It means so much to me.

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