To Review or Not to Review


The question that keeps me up at night………whether or not I should write book reviews on my blog.

I mean, who am I anyway? Is there anyone who even cares what I’ve got to say about a book beyond my star rating? Do people even read book reviews any more or just skim to the ‘important’ bits?

Personally, I struggle to read every book review that pops up in my email; choosing only to read reviews on the books that are already on my radar and focusing on reading more of the fun posts – memes, tags, awards.

I find both writing and reading book reviews a tad tedious and extremely time-consuming.

And while I absolutely do understand the importance of book reviews to publishers, authors and readers… I really qualified to express my opinion in the form of an actual review?

Well….YES and NO.

I am certainly very new to the whole book blogging thing…STILL….and will feel like a newbie for quite a while to come.

Also I have barely written a book review since high school….an undisclosed number of years ago….other than the few already on this blog….and don’t have a thorough knowledge of bookish terms and writing stuff.

What I do have though, are very definite opinions on what I do and don’t like in a book. And a desire to talk all things bookish and to be involved in the bookish community.

So what will happen if I decide not to post book reviews? Will I still be a book blogger?

And if I do decide to continue posting book reviews should I simplify my format; making them less time consuming to write and quicker to read? Are there other…easier/better ways to ‘review’ books without creating a formal style book review with long paragraphs and so, so, so much writing?

Am I overthinking the whole thing and should I just write whatever makes me happiest on any given day…because well…it is my blog…and my happy place?

Let’s chat!

2 thoughts on “To Review or Not to Review

  1. I know the feels! Definitely make your blog your happy place! Once I gave up caring who reads my blog posts, I felt free to pursue my own agenda. That’s why I don’t activate comments, not out of disinterest, purely because I do my own thing.

    As a newbie to Goodreads, I think that helped me greatly. It is a quick, easy way to get book reviews out there. Whilst I love book-styling my blog reviews, I think Goodreaders (and the authors) are more hands-on.

    I write about many things and follow many bloggers and I enjoy it far more than if I specialised in one subject 🙂 Happy blogging!

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  2. I feel similarly!! And honestly – I hardly ever read any posts that are JUST book reviews, which is why I stopped writing them myself! I’m much more interested in reading about the bookish lives of others than long, text-heavy critiques about the books they’re reading. And I’ll usually even decide NOT to follow a popular blog if all they do is publish reviews. I know that I’m just one weird person’s opinion, but I don’t think I’m the only one!

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