So it’s been a while…

And it kind of feels like a do-over in that it’s been over two years since I have created a blogpost. I have still been reading, albeit sporadically, but I haven’t had either the time or the motivation to share my bookish thoughts. Life has been crazy busy and everything has been changing.

My children have grown and are leaving the nest, finding partners, travelling and creating their own lives.

Hubby and I are building a brand new home to fill with furbabies.

I’ve become a mini daschund enthusiast, having adopted my first dapple puppy. I envision having a whole host of little wiener dogs running around our new home in the future.

I’ve changed jobs, twice, searching for a place where I feel at home.

And I’ve been on a little journey of self-discovery and self-compassion.

Now as I return to this bookish space, I am excited to begin sharing my passion for books again, even if in a more simplified way. I expect that in the next month or so I will give the whole blog a bit of a makeover as I work out what is important for me to share and what isn’t. I hope that you will continue to join me in bookish conversations and I look forward to getting back out there, reacquainting myself with all of my bookish friends.

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