Mid Year Wrap 2020

Hello bookish friends!!!

Happy first day of the second half of the year!

Crazy to think that the year is already half done. Where did that time go? I don’t even know….

Over the last day or two I have been enjoying reading others’ wrap up and goal review posts and have been inspired to write my own.

So without further ado…..

Beginning with the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I have read 50/75 books this year so far; meaning I can adopt a more relaxed pace for the second half of the year.

Lucky…. since I’ve fallen into a massive reading slump I have no idea how to get out of.

Suggestions anyone???

Throughout the year, I have chosen one favourite book each month….usually a 5⭐ read….documenting it in my bookish spreadsheet for moments such as these….

Sharing my favourite books January to June:

The majority (32/50) of books read have been 4⭐ so I have actually had an amazing bookish year so far and that, hopefully, will continue through to December.

Honourable mentions (or books I loved almost as much as my favourites):

Quick stats:

Pages read: 17,546

Most read genre: Romance/Contemporary

Most read format: Audiobook

ARCs read: 13 (with only 3 left sitting on my shelf – probably time for me to request some more)

Book reviews written: 20 – I’m still working on the book review thing….they’re just sooooooo time consuming.

Goals for the rest of 2020:

  • Get on top of this book review thing…or find another way…
  • Surpass my 75 book Goodreads goal…maybe I should have tried for 100 books
  • Complete all of my reading challenges – Popsugar Reading Challenge, A to Z Challenge and Modern Mrs Darcy’s Reading Challenge….anyone else doing these?

But most importantly…ENJOY this wonderful hobby and being involved in this amazing bookish community. ❤️

7 thoughts on “Mid Year Wrap 2020

      1. Sometimes the pressure of blogging, reviewing etc can take our joy away. I have definitely experienced that in the past..the pressure to write a review on time etc etc. But ultimately I know for me reviewing and blogging gives me more happy days than otherwise. It’s just something that ebbs and flows isn’t it. I hope you’ll find your reading mojo again soon 🧡💛


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